Our First Post!

Woo! Hi, welcome! Thanks for visiting the site and reading this!

How are you doing?

I’d like to say that we’re an “indie game dev studio”, which we are if Indie means “no big name or publisher”, but we’re very much professional.

As you may see, we’ve got several games “on the go” at any one time, and that’s how we like it, because it means that we don’t get caught up on one project and able to think outside the box by working on other things.

We work on games big and small, some for mobile, some for PC and console, and we love it. It let’s us work in different areas, think about different solutions and produce top quality product…
Wait, I’ve just said that.

We aim to not have any stress here (cannot guarantee, because life) and avoid “crunch time” at all costs; our mental health is more important than getting things “out the door” and we only want to produce the best.
Just think of how many games you’ve played which are buggy and not tested properly; and some of these are Triple-A.

You may be thinking “who’s the we?” Well, we are our developers, designers, artists, etc., etc., and we’re made up of mainly freelancers who are working together to help achieve each others’ dreams.
It’s not you working for me, it’s “let’s us work together to make something great!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy going through the site (we’ll hopefully be updating it regularly)… but hey… life.