A quick little update

23rd May 2021 | General

Okay, the SEO gods need something and it’s been far too long since I’ve actually done anything note-worthy on the game dev front. With “the pandemic” and all that, life has been a little chaotic, and I’ve needed to take some time to get things in order. This usually meant working flat-out for clients, taking […]

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Let's talk about "stream teams"

5th June 2020 | General

From spending over half my life on the internet and in online communities, I think it's about time I share some things which I've learnt. For this first part, it is the toxicity of when the "normies" get online.

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Our First Post!

16th April 2020 | General

Woo! Hi, welcome! Thanks for visiting the site and reading this! How are you doing? I’d like to say that we’re an “indie game dev studio”, which we are if Indie means “no big name or publisher”, but we’re very much professional. As you may see, we’ve got several games “on the go” at any […]

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